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Début de l'événement : 15.03.2020 - 16:00
Fin de l'événement : 15.03.2020 - 00:00
Description : [hurdle]( is a word game that challenges your vocabulary and logic skills. It is based on the popular game Wordle, but with some twists and variations. In this article, we will introduce you to the game and give you some tips and tricks on how to play it.
Hurdle is a daily game that can only be played once per day. Each day, you will face five Hurdle puzzles, each containing a secret five-letter word that you need to guess. You have six guesses for each puzzle, except for the last one, where you only have two. After each guess, the tiles will change color to indicate how close your guess was to the word. If the tile turns green, it means that the letter is correct and in the right position. If the tile turns yellow, it means that the letter is correct but in the wrong position. If the tile turns gray, it means that the letter is not in the word at all.
The fifth and final Hurdle puzzle is different from the others. It is prefilled with the answers from the previous four puzzles, and you need to rearrange them to form a new word. You only have two chances to solve this puzzle, so be careful and think hard.
Hurdle is a fun and addictive game that will test your vocabulary and logic skills. You can also share your results with your friends and challenge them to beat your score. If you like word games, you will love Hurdle.
Here are some tips and tricks to help you play Hurdle better:
• Use common letters: Start with words that contain common letters, such as E, S, T, R, A, N, etc. This will help you narrow down the possible words and eliminate some letters.
• Use patterns: Look for patterns in the words, such as vowel-consonant combinations, double letters, prefixes, suffixes, etc. This will help you form words that are more likely to be correct.
• Use synonyms: If you find a word that has some green or yellow tiles, try to think of synonyms or related words that might fit. For example, if you guess PLANT and get two green tiles and one yellow tile, you might try BLANK or PLANK.
• Use elimination: If you find a word that has some gray tiles, try to avoid using those letters in your next guesses. For example, if you guess ZEBRA and get all gray tiles, you can eliminate Z, E, B, R, and A from your next guesses.
• Use logic: For the final puzzle, use logic and deduction to rearrange the letters from the previous puzzles. Try to find words that have common letters or patterns with the previous words. For example, if the previous words are PLANT, BLANK, PLANK, and TRUNK, you might try PRANK or BRANT.
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