Platform Beds – Contemporary and Traditional

The fact that a platform bed is low to the ground makes it sturdier. Although these beds are available in different designs, they are mostly simple yet elegant. They are made from metal, wood, or even particleboard. Some are upholstered using different fabrics, such as leather. There are different types, such as modern, traditional, and contemporary.

Contemporary Platform Beds

What is a contemporary Twin platform bed? These are chic and classy platform beds that have evolved or have been built since the 1980s. They add a touch of modernity and flexibility to a room. Their designs are simple, yet they stand out and become the focal point of a bedroom. They are a great way to bring personality to space.

Whether you are looking for a king or a full contemporary platform bed, there are varieties available. They come in different sizes, designs, and prices. You probably prefer a contemporary metal canopy bed or a full trundle one. The good news is that they are all available depending on your preferences.

Contemporary platform beds evolved from traditional ones to give the latest designs. They are a bit elevated than their counterparts, and some have various accessories. Some will have clearance that is used for the installation of storage spaces, such as drawers, while others will have shelves or cabinets.

If you are worried about the decor of the bedroom where the platform will be placed, this should not be a bother. Due to the variety of designs, you can get in a contemporary bed, it is easy to find a match for specific styles. There is no need to invest in a box spring when you buy this twin platform bed frame.

Traditional Platform Beds

Traditional platform beds were there before contemporary ones were introduced. Unlike their counterparts, these beds are designed to use a box spring, which is meant to offer additional support to the mattress. It also enhances comfort while sleeping and adds height to the low-profile bed. In case you find the bed to be too low, this is the secret to add height.

These beds are no longer as popular as they used to, but they are still in use. They are preferred by those with era-specific themes. It does not mean that you cannot find them in the market or use them in your bedroom. They are still available and are an excellent way to spruce up an era-specific bedroom.

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Despite the difference between traditional and contemporary platform beds, they are all functional. The main difference is their design since they are made from the same materials and are available in the same sizes. Perhaps you prefer an upholstered bed, trundle, sleigh, canopy, or four-poster bed. Whichever your preference is, you can find it in your preferred style.

A contemporary platform bed will give your bedroom a new elegant look, and there are varieties of materials you can choose from. Unlike when traditional beds were made from wood only, you can have your modern bed in different materials.

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