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The dissertation is one of the most important documents for a post-graduate or master’s degree student. They are the final formal document that helps you to showcase your skills and knowledge gained. There are several rules that should be followed while making a perfect thesis paper. There should be introduction, literature review, research methodology, findings and conclusions. The Dissertation Writing Guide helps you deliver an academic excellent piece of research so that you can get high grades in your university. You should know some top tricks to make the perfect thesis paper. Read on to know more-
1)Write the introduction last
No one would like a specific introduction and a completely different conclusion. There are instances when you start writing your thesis in a particular tone and end up in a completely different tone. Dissertation Writing Guide suggests that doing the introduction along with the conclusion would not only help you to connect all parts of the thesis but it would also help you to do your work faster. You would be able to connect the introduction and conclusion of the thesis in a coherent way, which would make your thesis an excellent read.

2)Give importance to the references
You should give adequate importance to the references that would be used by the dissertation. There is a common tendency among students to cite papers and do not include them in the bibliography section. You should try to cross check the references with that of the bibliography and also try to include the relevant citations in your text. You can also make a note of the relevant bibliography that you would be using for writing your thesis. Start managing your bibliography from the first day onwards and this would help to manage a great deal of your time as well as energy.

3)Meet PhD requirements
Dissertations are usually done for obtaining the PhD degree and hence you should give your best to do it well. There are individual requirements for the individual universities and hence you should not presume everything on your own. Dissertation Writing Guide suggests you that you should check with your lecturer regarding the types of thesis that would be acceptable by your university. You should check the word count and the formatting rules of the university so that you do not end up making silly mistakes.

4)No paraphrasing please
Whenever you are doing an academic paper, then you have to take care of the plagiarism issue. The universities levy heavy penalty on the students who engage themselves in plagiarism issue. You should not copy paste from the internet and you should also try to write your original ideas. Avoid paraphrasing the components of the dissertation as this degrades the quality of the paper. Try to include your original ideas, which would make your paper stand out in the crowd. Paraphrasing not only limits the scope of your paper but it also prevents you from formulating any new principle or any new concept, which would be of much use in the academic world.

5)Clarify less answered question
Your dissertation should add some value and knowledge to the existing scholarly works. You should draw your research on the various unanswered questions on the particular area of study.Dissertation Editors helps you to determine the best way by which you can draw attention on the unanswered questions. You should identify them as early as possible and try to use them while trying to formulate the research hypothesis. Start figuring the unanswered questions early in the process of writing so that you can reach to a predefined conclusion.
The dissertation is important for a Master’s degree student and it should be done well. You should follow the above set of tricks to write the best thesis paper and get distinction in your university. Dissertation Writing Guide aids in making the best possible paper by focusing on the above tips.
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