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Field Service Technician

The Field Service Technician professionals will be accountable for upgrading the equipment including applicable software, hardware, and data telecommunications network equipment. The major role is to work in a central office, mobile towers, outside plant (OSP), or cell sites facilitating the technical know-how in installation, commissioning and integration, modification, and removal of telecom devices as per the client satisfaction level.

The technicians plan and prepare documents for the system and ensure proper classification of all tools, and perform maintenance work on networks, tests, and do troubleshooting on all outages. They should manage work according to company’s diagrams and disclaimers for the network, and ensure compliance with all safety standards, codes and manage work according to guidelines.

They are required to progress and give assistance to all client programs and perform periodic maintenance. They should monitor all requirements and ensure clients satisfaction in all the processes, perform installation and maintenance on all telecommunication networks. They should also monitor associated computer & peripheral systems of telephone systems for communication infrastructure.