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asdf said...
Women create obstacles because the man that is after them has to really want them. Not because it is their nature, not because they want to test your intelligence, not because they want to feel like they made you work for it. Because you have to really want it! Sluts who've given it up to countless users and abusers still, despite everything, have that soft romantic notion that prince charming with a heart only for her is going to come along, and she needs some way to know how deep his feeling is. Game is just a way of faking it. First build up your status, then get her to test you. Then be aloof until she can't take it anymore and decides she'll take a chance on figuring you out by giving it up. Check-and-mate.

The guys who don't get laid are the guys who don't want it enough (with a particular girl or with a mass of faceless anonymous loose women). Anyone who wants a particular girl and in the right way can pass. After some point there is a learning process where shared tips can help. This is like asking why can't everyone hit a golf ball like tiger woods.

November 13, 2010 11:38:00 PM EST
Anonymous said...
asdf, your comment is useless. good job fuckface

November 14, 2010 5:01:00 AM EST
Anonymous said...
It's not useless, stupid. It just goes to show - even with their shitty upbringing and slutty ways there's still some vestigial notion of romance in there. They'll give it up to anyone who has status, but they still want the guy to work for it. They want to feel wanted for their own individual selves even though most of the time the guy just wants to use them to get off. It's funny how girls who feel low will use sex to convince themselves they are desired when really they are just being used.