I am a Quicken accounting software expert. We are a team of IT and accounting experts. With the help of the Capital one 360 Quicken access code , we can lock your banking, which can only be accessed by you and your bank. Do you want to trigger your own access code? Here is a simple way. If you are a new user, log in to your Capital one account, choose any of your accounts, select Account settings, and service to land on another screen. Next, you have to click Account management, click Get access code to get the personal access code. Once you are done, go to Quicken and update the latest Capital One Access code. You can also use these steps for other websites.For existing users, go to the Capital One website, log in using your credentials. Now click My Info, select Preferences, click over Access Code to trigger the personal Capital One Access code. You can also update in on Quicken once you login to it.