The first boyfriend who I broke up with fourteen times because I liked my "freedom" (read:other boys)
All of the teenage snogs and crushes
The one I had a snog with and then discovered that he had a girlfriend after he turned up the following day and announced that he'd finished it with her for me.
My boss at my job in the US that was so emotionally unavailable he must have been a walking corpse...
Numerous snogs and dates
Bee Gee, seventies dancing to all genres, penchant for ladies clothing at fancy dress party's, mummy's boy that also had a penchant for chatting up my friends and suggesting threesomes.
More snogs and dates.
Oh I nearly forgot about C who was another emotionally unavailable guy that I dated on and off for 4 years in between various boyfriends.
The p*sshead aggressive one from Fort Lauderdale that still owes me $2K.
The toy boy that created more of a mother/son relationship with me.
The Ex Fiance/Mr Brownsuit - cricket bat loving, control freak narcissist that couldn't bear the blinds being in the wrong direction.
Male Best Friend (MBF) - One with a girlfriend that didn't want me to have a life and basically mucked me around. Now we're not even friends.
Countless approaches, chat ups, and a few dates.
The Contender who then became Dot Dot Dot Man.
The Overexhuberant Puppy that had rogue willy syndrome.
The F*ckwit (doctor with BO and a big effing mouth. Oh and how could I forget the family full of crackheads and criminals....)