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Description : When I was writing essays for literature classes, I realized that the more articles and books I read, the less I had to say, and the more I could try to say, the better. When I had a pen and a notebook, I felt more relaxed and my writing flowed more freely. Instead of inserting everything, I tried to use complex sentences and difficult foreign terminology. Changes in the way you approach the writing process can make a big difference. When you write emails to yourself, it can help you relax and perform more word processing on the document than I have ever done before. And contrary to the intuition of the creative act, the process of writing helps you discover new ideas and ways to organize and express them check this out . Experiment and find out what works for your writing brain, and not focus on finding the perfect formula. You will find that if you find the writing process easier, the end product is more enjoyable and interesting to read. You should try to find what you find interesting, and the process will be much more pleasant, whether it is a literary work or a research work.

Write five original sentences that turn into an essay. Once you have written your five sentences, it is easy to fill in the paragraphs between them and find them again. When outlined, it all feels like 20 chapters, and it's much easier to sit down and write a crappy first draft.

I try to model my work in accordance with the accessible style of writers like Lionel Trilling and William Thompson, and although my work has a strong colloquial aspect, they are not afraid of using the full language resources, and they do not try to write in a kind of penguin computer. An academic with a natural flair for language has a much better chance of becoming a stylish writer than one who puts the hours that top athletes on the peak of their sport generate from innate talent, adequate physique and intense training, but the fact remains that successful academic work is a way to learn to write. Writing is not only easier for a whole genre of books and articles, but also for writing strategies to overcome delays.