Thanks, Cherry. I'm in my 60's now, and I recall a generation of mothers who were very resourceful but not very feminine. I feel lucky to have been exposed to many other cultures where women are unafraid to act like women…with all their sensory power…and that does not exclude businesswomen. I would say the majority of men I've dated over the years have been very respectful, sometimes fun, always attentive, and most whose company I enjoyed.
The issue is me. After witnessing years of parental fighting on a daily basis and no decsions ever resolved in duet, I'm clearly afraid of a commitment and always have been. But now I feel I really want that special man in my life. Should I just keep that feeling in my heart and go from there?

Hi Cherry, well I had those exact feelings for a man I dated in a long distance relationship for almost three years…I broke it off some months ago because….he was not going to get a job and was happy to have me work two and maybe three! This was the piece that caused me to end our relationship. However, I have a new standard to which I will expect to be treated by any other man. Those feelings of being treasured and being with a man that loves your femininity is wonderful!