Know About Different Types of Football Medals?

There are quite a few types of football medals that you can know or get your hands at. All of them are different, unique and very innovative. All of these are categorically stock items which depict a soccer theme. The medals are custom made and represent certain aspects of the game, with each medal taking away a different honor. They are made up of die cast metals poured into mould which allow the makers to change the shape of the medals as per convenience. The first type happens to be Souvenirs. These are the medals awarded after every tournament to players as a token of their victories and triumphs. These medals are normal circle shaped tokens attached to a wide rope which is put around the necks of the players.

The next type of medals is the silver medals. These are awarded to players coming runners up at an event and finished next to the winners of the tournament. The medals ensure that the players are recognized well for their valiant efforts. Next in line are the bronze medals. The bronze medals are for those who have secured third position in the contest. Usually in the game of football, there is a third place play off between the two losing semi finalists to determine the third place. The team triumphing in this contest gets third place and gets the bronze medal.

The consolation prizes and medals round up the prizes and medals for the whole show. These are for those teams that participated in the contest and are a token of appreciation towards them for taking part in the carnival. These are given in a very warm sense and not merely because of some formalities or obligations that the event organizers are under. They are given in good jest, thanking the teams and telling them that their participation in the contests will always be special.

These are some of the varied types of football medals awarded to players and teams across the foot-balling fraternity. They are said to be highly inspiring and lay down the foundation for some robust sportsmanship and mutual admiration. People love wearing them and love having them on board for the very fact that these leave people with a lot of lovely memories. The medals make them feel important and give them reasons to be a part of the festival all over again.

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