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A contemporary designer's interpretation of traditional Italian luxury, the Cavalli Class is the perfect choice for a woman who wants to look like a million dollars. Cavalli Class embodies the beauty and style that has made this designer famous. The collection is designed by Italy's leading fashion designer, Flavio Marcie. He is known for his elegant prints, which express his unbridled imagination and his love for nature.

If you are a fan of vintage styles, then the Cavalli Class is an ideal choice for you. This designer's creations are inspired by the works of Le Corbusier, Gion Ferrari and Jean Paul Gaultier. Each piece is created using the latest in modern technology. The fabrics used are made from revolutionary fabrics that are lightweight, durable and long lasting. A woman can look like a movie star or a Hollywood actress when she wears the Cavalli Class, which has a classic design that will never go out of vogue. Visit luomomenswear store Uk for more.

This designer's other collections are superb.

They are not only appealing and elegant, but they also manage to highlight a woman's best assets. Cavalli Class offers pieces to suit any woman's body type, whether she has a pear or apple shaped body. The designs are very feminine and will complement any fashionable woman.

For years, Cavalli has been creating handbags that women from the high-class families have wanted. One such handbag is the Cavalli Class 34SS. The bag boasts a unique and unusual styling. It is handcrafted from fine top grade Italian leather. It is embellished with gold decorated hardware, silver buckles and brown mother of pearl. This designer's bag is sure to become a hit in the fashion world.

Another great addition to the designer's catalogue is the Cavalli Class 25SS. This handbag is another masterpiece that has an old world charm combined with modern styling. It has a unique and unusual shape, one that is definitely different. The front is designed like a basket and it has a unique and innovative handle. The back of this fashionable bag is covered in rich leather and it is large enough to hold all of your daily necessities.

For those who wish to own a set of bags, the designer's line of Aviator series bags is worth checking out. This line of bags includes the Cavalli Classique, Classic, Excelsior, Futura, London and Medallion. All of these bags boast a classic design, and most are also made from fine leather. Many of them are also embellished with buckles and buttons.

A favorite Cavalli Class product is the Medallion Classique.

This beautiful handbag was designed by the famous designer Mario Moretti. Its clean lines have a heavy European accent. The front flap of this bag is a clear display of the Medallion logo. This handbag is also finished with gold plating on the bottom. It sports a very unique and distinct leather trim.

If you wish to own some of Cavalli Class' finest handbags but cannot afford to buy their actual products, you can always check out their collection of wholesale designer's bags. This is an ideal alternative if you do not want to spend a lot of money on any particular bag. You can easily find a wide assortment of bags here at discount prices. This also gives you the opportunity to choose the perfect bag for your occasion.

A favorite among young ladies is the London Skyline. These bags are among the most preferred by celebrities and fashionistas alike. Made from fine leather, these bags are stylish and elegant. They have an understated elegance that is the trademark of Cavalli bags. This designer's bag is also famous for its wide array of functional pockets. These pockets can hold all your essential items such as make-up, jewelry, sunglasses, keys and many more.

If you wish to own a classy yet affordable handbag, then the Fafsa Class is the perfect choice for you. Its casual and trendy look makes it a hit with many women. Made of Egyptian cotton, this handbag has a classic appeal that will surely please even the pickiest of buyers. It also comes with a hidden compartment where you can store your laptop or a small item like your keys. The Fafsa Class also has a removable, adjustable shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry.

For the modern and trendy lady, the Diva Class is the perfect choice. As the name suggests, this designer's bag has a soft, supple appearance that is made out of 100% nylon. The diva bag comes with a spacious main compartment and several smaller zippered pockets that are perfect for holding all your designer's necessities. These bags also have an adjustable shoulder strap and a concealed keyholder. If you want to make a bold statement, the Fafsa Class is definitely the one for you. Visit plainesdelescaut for more.