The boyf is annoying but not enough to warrant me dedicating a blog to him! I'm really happy, loved up, and entertained by living with a football obsessed, Battlestar Galactica loving, cheeky, guy who can give me a run for my money and put me right back in my box. People want angst, drama, break ups, bad sex, rogue willies and B.O. and I will need to go back in time to provide that, so until I can decide what to write on here, I am going on a break.

There. I said it.

Of course, I'm still blogging. I have Baggage Reclaim (I get to do all of my man observations and venting here) my baby products blog Bambino Goodies which is really starting to take off and a few other projects on the go, but of course, I have found that I have a new specialist subject for bitching about - motherhood and the crackness that accompanies it.

So my new home will be over at Are You On Crack? - Crazy antics and observations on motherhood from the bottlelines. After writing a couple of columns over at Dollymix for a few months, I decided that right now, this is what I enjoy venting about. It will be updated at least weekly (definitely on Tuesday's) and I can focus on my new pet peeve - Other mums that annoy the cr*p out of me and people that can't help but say stupid things because they think they're allowed to because I'm a mum...

I have updated my new home so that I can bring you all up to speed on the past few weeks and give the truth (or most of it that won't get me sacked) about what really happened when I went back to work a few weeks ago.

I am still moving in at my new crackden but I hope some (or all) of you will join me over there. It's been an incredible journey on this blog. Thanks to everyone who has continued to read this blog even though I have been an inconsistent mofo ever since I got knocked up (hee hee)!

It's been eventful. See y'all around

NML xx