Let's say you meet a new man … and he seems really great.

For the most part, he does all the right things.

He calls. He plans the date. You like where he takes you … that kind of stuff.

All is swell, except for one little thing …

One irritating habit that just drives you nuts!

Perhaps he ogles other women.

Or makes a rude joke.

Maybe he burps or farts in public (and thinks it's funny).

Confrontation isn't easy, but if you see a romantic possibility, you gotta speak up!

Today's video gives you a fun, fail-proof tip on how to build your confidence and courage to share what's on your mind.

When a man you like does something crass or uncomfortable, watch this to see what to do.

Leave me a comment below telling me how you handle a man's irritating habit!

Enjoy and thanks for tuning in!