My boyfriend of four years stopped calling me a day after his birthday. Its been two months now and suddenly he calls in the evening acting like everything is fine,requesting I travel to the next town to see him….I love him bt we’ve broken up four times already. I dnt know what to do

Yes this just happened to me too. A guy that I have been seeing for almost a year and a half vanished for a week. I honestly thought something was terribly wrong, since we were very close. Him hooking up with another woman didnt even cross my mind. He reached out to me after a week saying he is sorry that he did me wrong , yes he hooked up with a a girl and sex was really bad so he wants to come back. I apperciated his honesty but what a

Thank you for the positive perspective on the guys that come back! Even if, given the time to think it over, I'm not interested in going for Round Two.

Hi Cherry,
I am learning so much about dating from you! I recently met a man who played the hero and asked for my number. Since then, he has texted me a few times but has not called or asked me out. I feel undervalued and no longer wish to maintain this virtual friendship. Should I cease to answer his texts, or hang in there to see if he ever makes a move?