Students who are not really confident in their design skills will struggle to write these essays. Their process of creating an essay “package” will not be as free flowing as a brainstorm. The uniqueness of engineering essays lies in the fact that the student has to work hard to research his idea on the spot. Without the right process, the course will become monotonous and not relevant at all.

Students should not spend long hours at the computer for doing research and composing an essay. It is much better to begin the exercise online. A simple internet search for a topic or a keyword will enable the student to have a clear idea of what he is writing about. But in order make the search intuitive, the student should select the relevant topic from the vast knowledge base on his internet research. If the course assignments are too easy, the user will get distracted and will be unable to concentrate to the extent that he would be able to facilitate his observations and research effectively. If the assignments are too difficult, minimal effort will be made and the process will end up being tedious.

Therefore the questions that a student should ask himself before starting his essay process are; What I am trying to achieve in this essay? What is the purpose of the essay, and how will the essay develop the desired relationship between the unearthed information and the theories presented in the literature.

What is my topic?

The beginning of the essay contains the big question that must be answered. A left brain will always associate the perspective of the right brain with the beginning of the essay. Students have to allow for other questions that may emerge in the coursework. Frequently the emerging questions will revolve around the history of the particular subject or the intellectual history of the school. These questions will ensure that the topic that the essay deals with is discussed and given a credible background. Every paper should have a primary target as the writer defines it. Towards this, the student should then lay a firm foundation.
An example of a starting question is the following “what is water”, which poses the question of fall and rise. Take the same subject and address the theme of innovation. Simplify it even further, and you have “what was the invention of steam power”. This essay would provide the context for research on the invention of electricity and will answer the questions related to its adoption in industry, as well as providing visuals displaying the technology. Another example of a trendy topic is “marketers are robots”.

How do you go about writing your engineering essay?

First one should know what he is writing about. This may sound odd, but it needs to be mentioned. If any last minute changes are planned before the essay is written, know that you need to get this material in a timely manner. Those students who halt the writing process suddenly just create more issues. However, the value of completing your first two quarterly exams does not rely on your step count.

It is essential to awaken a student’s intent so that he/she will have a clear view of what he is about to write. In short, nurture the spirit! This may sound complex, but just make sure the student has a clear idea of what the essay is about.

Remember that in essays one should try to answer quickly and intelligently. Focusing the mind on a specific idea at the time will make it a smoother writing process.
Have fun writing essays and teach good writing habits to your student! If you do not have a student at home, then you can at least use learning software from a bookshelf.
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