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Harvard format vs. APA Format

Before we go on further, it would be best to first understand exactly why the two formats overlap so much. The older style of citing involves using the raw version of an author’s data without including any referencing. After the appropriate citations, the references are listed in the bibliography section. Just like the MLA, the Harvard writing styles have several things in common. They include:

Organization of the Content

When it come to choosing the right sources for the exposition, here is a factor to consider. Whether it is a journal, book, article, or newspaper, make sure to check and identify the specific formatting requirements of each of them or use term paper writer service for qualified help. If a cited document is in print, then it is in good order, and no source should be disregarded. Otherwise, it might become a Question, Poor Treatment, etc.


One of the most crucial sections of academic crafting is the margin. Most people under this bracket don’t emphasize on margins, and in some cases, they even break their paper in half. That is an unacceptable situation, and it is something that all instructors will advise on. Keep in mind the standard spacing between fonts and the points included in every sentence. I recommend learn to read and master the different parts of the rules of English


Besides the regular count of lines, there is a special kind of punctuation markers that have been put in place to help whoever is reading the text smoothly write a specified annotation. For instance, the period isher, while the capital is always written as a block after the Arabic numbers.</p>
<p>For the initial Citation, use a single space, and for the rest of the texts, align it to the left side. When doing the reference, specify the number of times the material has passed through, regardless of the numbers. Do not surpass the outlined wordcount.

Font Size

Keep in Mind that the font size is supposed to be 12 PPR with a 1.5'pape and double spaced to create a positive statement of the location. Also, remember to emulate the same case for the title, footnotes, and in-text citation. However, in both instances, the indentation must be done uniformly throughout the whole essay.

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