It turns out that writing a diploma in technical universities is half the battle, you still need to leave your energy for an explanatory note. Even after writing dozens of compare and contrast essays or using service " " you still need to write explanatory note. The explanatory note to the diploma contains systematized information about the study: goals, objectives, hypothesis and stages. Graduates should know how to correctly write an explanatory memorandum for the diploma. It is presented to the members of the examination committee, who carefully study the explanatory information and decide which grade to put.

What is included in the explanatory note to the diploma

The explanatory note to the diploma is its detailed one, in which a special place is given to the author's comments on the course of the study. The specifics of its design are determined by the university, at the department you can be given a sample. The length of the note depends on the type of work: 35 - 40 pages for bachelor's work and up to 80 pages for master's.

Title page

The sample title page is established by the educational institution. The title of the explanatory note indicates the name of the ministry and educational institution, the type of document and the topic of the work, the name of the person who wrote the work, the name of the head, his academic degree and title, information on admission, city and year of writing the work.

Individual assignment for the thesis

In the assignment, the student is assigned the topic of research, the structure of its conduct and the schedule of implementation. Each university provides graduates with special forms for individual assignments, which consist of two parts: an FQP passport and a writing schedule.


Each university has its own requirements for annotation, you can find them in the guidelines on the website. However, it always contains a summary of the work, research methods and characteristics of SRS. In addition, the abstract is translated into a foreign language, most often into English.


The content of the explanatory note is placed on a separate sheet, it indicates the entire structure of work with page numbers. It is necessary to design the content taking into account all the rules regarding font and spacing.


Usually the introduction takes 1 - 2 pages, it is important to outline the problem in it, its relevance and the benefits of the diploma. By the way, the members of the examination committee read the introduction first. If there are flaws or mistakes in it, this will spoil the impression of work at the very beginning of the defense.

Main part

The main part consists of several chapters, usually theoretical and practical. The first chapter examines the literature used, various ways to solve the problem and the position of the author. In the practical chapter, you describe the methods of achieving the goal, what difficulties you faced and what conclusions you came to.


At this point, the student summarizes the research. The explanatory note to the diploma should show the importance of scientific research and the prospects for the application of the results of the QQM. Usually, conclusions are drawn up in the form of abstracts, each of which affects a separate aspect of the study. In conclusion, it is customary to write about the possibilities of developing the topic in your further scientific works. Writing good conclusion is a must, teacher could change his opinion while finishing reading your work, contact "write my essay for me " service if you want professionals write conclusion for you. The conclusion of the explanatory note to the diploma takes 3 - 5 pages.

List of literature and documentary sources

It is best to make a list of references as you write a scientific work, so you will accurately indicate all the sources. The list should contain from 40 sources, including foreign ones.


If there are many diagrams, tables and other graphic objects in the explanatory note to the diploma, it is better to put them in a separate appendix. The main purpose of such an application is to visually show the progress of your research and illustrate intermediate and final results.

You must provide an explanatory note in three forms: printed, electronic and presentation format. The bound version must be signed by you and your supervisor.

Writing an explanatory note for a diploma is no less time-consuming process than preparing the thesis itself. If after the WRC there is no energy left for an explanatory note, "essay writing help online " can help you .

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