Steve C January 31, 2011 at 2:38 pm
Well guys I’ve tried this and all I can say is that it’s changed my life!

Limit the masturabtion to maybe just once a week like stated, and if you do need to relieve yourself don’t masturbate to porn or you may slip back into the cycle.

I’m on my 8th day no and still going strong… not sure if I should even masturbate now or wait longer??

DUMP the porn boys!!

kambe February 1, 2011 at 3:07 am
Masturbation is very dangerous. I have experience of 25 years. The science has never found the danger of this vice but with experience i came to notice that really masturbating is dangerous to the body. Some people will tell you that it is just a myth . yOU COME TO REALISE the danger after mmany years after the body has become sick and very weak.some symptoms due to masturbation:
1)blurry vision and a lof pain on eyes.
2)CHRONIC FATIGUES up to the extend of failing take your shower using your have the feeling that your own hands are very havy for you.
3) Constipation. You do not have good digestion.
4) Very weak erection and your sperm can be leaking.
5)Chronic headack
6) Very low immune system like in a HIV+ person.
7)Feeeling of burning even when it is very cold
8) dry month
9) thining of the hair and hair loss
10) groomed faceand less attraction to women…
When you stop masturbating for several weeks some of the symptoms disappear.
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