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13377x Torrent works on BitTorrent network protocol and helps you download torrent magnet files. This website has a huge user base, and this site keeps them entertained with all the latest movies and best web series.

Every year there is a remarkable spike in the growth of internet users for streaming and downloading movies. Still, the lack of bandwidth can be considered one of the main reasons for the lack of data transfer in many countries. For Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the main motive is to save the transfer speed because it is very expensive. 13377x.to torrent is used by many users to download movies, videos and software as well.

13377x was the main site, and it was blocked for piracy issues, and the main reason was misuse while downloading copyrighted material. Many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have blocked this website purely to contain pirating content. According to the rules, you cannot download copyrighted videos and pirated data.