Segways: The Revolution in Mobility

The Segway is the most well-known device that moves people around without them technically walking.

Segways are meant to go wherever you want them to, whether it be on the ground or even upstairs!

Since the 1969 invention of the Segway, it has experienced mixed reviews. Here, I will read the different perspectives on what the Segway means for personal transport in this paper.

Since its introduction, many people have speculated about whether this new device will eventually replace cars and other modes of transportation. There is a chance that it simply provides an appropriate novelty or sets a precedent for future high-tech developments in automobile technologies. Now, Electric Unicycle For Sale is the latest trend too. 

 Advocates say that the Segway combines features necessary to meet society's growing needs for clean air and green space without increasing global pollution problems.

In 2015, DARPA established a competition that saw teams from major institutions such as Worcester Polytechnic institute and MIT Inc come up with a way to make riding segways easier for those who use it as a life-altering medical therapy.

The two biggest challenges that the finalist faced were still maintaining balance and producing a viable mobility device that can do the same amount of work as a motorcycle.

The next six months saw these institutions giving their best to come up with a potential solution to meet either one or both of these challenges from DARPA's original request.

During this period, they created prototypes where the design was continuously being changed until finally, MIT's design evolved into an innovative solution which is now known as drive wheel technology.

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