No Kat, kids feelings don’t go in and out of fashion. But with age comes the realization that sitting around in their pajamas eating Rice Krispies and watching Bugs Bunny isn’t going to be something that they are going to be able or allowed to do all their lives either…
I think age has a lot to do with it. If my kids were very young, I would want them to sit around the table and get to know the person I’m sleeping with. I would want them to feel comfortable around them and be able to talk to them. Of course I wouldn’t do this with just anyone I dated. I would have to be sure that we were in a committed relationship before I would want to introduce my children to the woman I would be committing my and their lives to but I would also like them to get to know each other before they came out from sleepland and found a stranger in the kitchen making breakfast.
My kids are older so I guess I have a little different take on this than some of your readers. I also come from a more liberal state and area than some of your readers which I also think has some baring on my answers.
As for kids doing as I say not as I do. Well, If I was sitting around having a cocktail and my 18 year old wanted one, I would say no and since I’m the King of my domain, If my kid wants to bring home his girlfriend that he just met and have a sleep over and play doctor with her… again, I would say NO. And if he didn’t like that, he could go and get himself his own place to live so that he can set his OWN rules about what he will and will not allow in his home.
Having my girlfriend of 3 years spend the night is probable one of the lightest conversations I’m going to have with my children. And all of you that have small children,,,, you’ll know what I’m talking about once your kids get into their 20′s.

Peace, love and hot tubs to you!

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