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25/06/2022 15:35:00,25/06/2022 15:35:00,"Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy and Turkish Airlines Address In Donetsk",,"","Activités grand public","2017","2022-06-25","2023-04-28","Espaces non bâtis - bords de route","Sauvetage batraciens - Callenelle","","","","","","","","","","","","","Turkish Airlines Checked/Hold Baggage Allowance
The number of packs you that are permitted to check depends completely on your objective and the kind of flight.

Homegrown trips for instance permit you various sizes in light of the kind of ticket you have.
Special tickets have a restriction of 15 kg or 33 lb for a real look at the pack.
Economy class tickets have a limit of 20 kg or 44 lb for processed packs.
Business-class tickets have a constraint of 30 kg or 66 lb for processed packs.
For these as far as possible is something very similar: sacks can't surpass 158cm or 62 altogether. Likewise, there is the greatest weight cutoff of 32 kg or 70 lb on any processed sacks. Surpassing the cutoff points for weight in light of the kind of ticket you have will bring about an extra see and surpassing the most extreme weight cutoff will bring about the carrier not delivering your thing or charging you for freight transporting.
Global flights are split between those which utilize a weight idea and those which utilize a piece idea, meaning those that charge in view of the weight and those that charge in light of the amount for hold stuff.
Global flights are additionally founded on the kind of ticket you have. For a weight idea flight:
Economy class tickets have one free really took a look at the sack with a limit of 20 kg or 44 lb.
Business-class tickets have a limit of 30 kg or 66 lb for every really look-at-pack.
For an every-piece flight:
Economy class tickets have 2 free handled packs with a limit of 23 kg or 50 lb.
Business-class tickets have 2 free sacks with a limit of 32 kg or 70 lb for each really look-at pack.","TurkishAirlinesBaggagePolicyAndTurkishAir_turkish-airlines-offices.jpg",""

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