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'Capa Negra' - the Maduro wrapper has earned a reputation among cigar aficionados, and since its conception, it has become a widely popular choice. Maduro means “ripe” in Spanish, which perfectly describes the lengthy process that the tobacco leaves go through to achieve a dark chocolate color. Mostly every cigar brands have their version of Maduro Cigars . Known to any cigar enthusiast – there are various factors that contribute to the overall experience and taste of a cigar. One of which includes its wrapper. The wrapper is the binding outer layer of the cigar, encasing the binder and filler. It comes in a wide range of colors such as the Claro, the Connecticut, and Maduro.

Although there is a common misconception among smokers that: the darker the wrapper, the stronger the cigar - causing them to stray away from darker wrappers. Though there are Maduro cigars that are explosively strong in flavor, it should not be a generalization for every Maduro cigar. In actual fact, Maduro wrappers are considered to be more mellow than their counterparts. As the tobacco leaves go under such a long aging process, that is well cooked and fermented, Thu bringing out a certain sweetness to it flavor.

Maduro Cigars with their dark and well-aged wrapper gives you a rich taste experience, giving a hint of dark chocolate, coffee-like, and spicier notes. But the magic lies in the process of darkening the tobacco leaves. When cultivating tobacco plants for Maduro wrappers, the selection of a leaf strain is extremely important. Some certain strains are not thick or resistant enough to withstand the intense heat and fermentation process that a Maduro wrapper endures. Common leaves used for these dark wrappers are Connecticut Broadleaves, Mexican Sumatra and the San Andres Negro.

One could buy themselves Maduro Cigars online on various online cigars stores and choose the one that tickles their taste buds.
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