Mini Crossword is a difficult word game that moves quickly and requires quick thinking. You are given random crossword puzzles to solve for as many English words as you can in each stage. You have just sixty seconds after clicking Start to arrange the letters into a coherent word. You must use your vocabulary and reflexes to compose words rapidly since time is of the essence. To make words, you swipe your finger across neighboring letters. Points are awarded for longer words like "mess" as opposed to shorter ones like "cat." Mini Crossword has various modes to provide the ideal degree of brain-boosting intensity. It develops the speed at which one can identify letters and put them together to form words.

Contexto is a game based on contextual similarity, where players guess a word within an unlimited number of attempts and receive hints about the similarity of their guess to the secret word. Each guess is analyzed by artificial intelligence, which compares it to thousands of texts and provides feedback on the contextual relevance and similarity to the final word. Unlike Wordle, Contexto focuses less on spelling and finding correct letters and more on meanings and contextual similarity.