Best Rated Laser Measures for Appraisers

You may be asking yourself the question; what is the best laser measure for appraisers? The answer is simple. The best option of laser measure for appraisers is the one that can navigate through obstacles like vegetation that make the job of appraisal quite difficult. The laser measurer must make job site inspection much easier for appraisers which means it must provide the utmost accuracy and must be durable under different weather conditions. The following laser measures can be your best laser measures for appraisal works.

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Leica Geosystems, US Tools, LEIAD 855138 Laser Distance Meter

Leica is one of the best brands for appraisers. This option comes with a robust IP65 water and dust resistant body. It comes also with a 4x digital viewfinder to help you find the perfect target when measuring outdoors. The tilt sensor will also make it easier to detect horizontal distances with precision. Other features you will find on this device include the following;

6” drop-tested.
Rotating display that helps you read measurements from any angle.
AA batteries, hand loop, case, and calibration certificate are included in this package.
It comes with a 3-years registration and warranty.

Inspiritech 328 Feet Digital Laser Distance Meter with 2 Bubble Levels

This product will surely make the top 10 laser measure lists for several reasons. First, it has 2 bubbles which makes it more efficient than a laser measure with 1 bubble. It comes with a backlit LCD to make readings clearer even in the dark. You can also switch measurements from meters to inches or feet depending on your preference and work requirements. It measures distance, volume, and area, and also uses the Pythagorean mode for some calculations. To switch between different measuring units, simply hold and press down the operation’s button for 2 seconds.

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Other features on this laser measure include;

+/- 1/16 inch of accuracy.
Handy and compact body design.
6 different settings for calibration
Automatic switch off when the device is not working for 150 seconds.
It is powered by AAA batteries.
It comes with a 24-month manufacturer warranty.

ACPOTEL Premium Laser Measure, 196 ft Laser Distance Meter with Electronic Angle Sensor

This will surely be your best laser measurer for appraisers because of its electronic angle sensor that helps you detect the position of your laser beam on the target, for accurate measurement. It can be recharged via USB charging which adds to its convenience. You can have an accurate measurement of distance, volume, or area under 0,5s. It comes with a backlit LCD for a clearer view of measurement even in the dark. It also comes with 20 sets of data memory. It comes with 3 rechargeable batteries and IP54 water and dust protection. Read more on the Best Laser Tape Measure: Ultimate Laser Measure Reviews to discover more options of laser distance measurer for appraisers.