• Let’s dismantle the myths of scuba diving!

Water. It is an unavoidable part of our lives. Our and every living being's survival depends upon it. From drinking, bathing, etc we require it in different forms as well.

It has been a part of scenic experiences as well. Watching ocean waves at night, and having bonfires on the beach. People create unforgettable memories. Such is the effect of water.

But it’s not necessarily the people who are always attracted to water. Numerous people have phobias as well. And when it comes to going underwater? It gets worse for many other people as well.

Because the world below water is different from what we see above. This can cause even more anxiety. And one of the major factors that contribute to is the myths that have been revolving around it.

Given below are certain Scuba Diving Course Sydney that have been dismantled before you. Go ahead and explore them and then the water bodies. An entirely new experience awaits you!

You cannot learn to dive without knowing how to swim: You can! During the training, people learn the basics of swimming as well. 

You will suffocate under water: Not at all. All necessary precautions and pieces of equipment are double-checked and chosen. Also, the correct size is chosen concerning the person.

There will be a Shark attack: This is one of the most common fears. Firstly, sharks do not attack randomly. And divers are not usually taken to dive in places that have sharks. 

Many other myths are dismantled already. But after reading these, many might already feel at ease.