I find it odd how the definition of “hot” changes so often. One moment a woman like Paris Hilton is the definition of “hot”, and then the next moment she’s nothing special. Some people will say it’s cause Paris is a “skank”. Then why is Angelina Jolie “hot” when she openly talks about loving sex?

Realize that the media defines what is “hot”. Why do you think they call it television programming? It’s astonishing how how well that boob tube works.

I look in wonder why you have all these young guys look like girls and the girls look like guys. Look no further than the good ol’ television. “Looking androgynous is so in.”

I’m watching Much Music right now. The number one video features Justin Timberlake dancing around wearing a scarf. Why do you need a scarf to keep you warm when you’re dancing? Who cares if you’re hot with a scarf around your neck, cause it’s “hot”.

If you insist on watching television I suggest to understand NLP. Why? Television programming . . . Neuro Linguistic Programming . . .

Once you start thinking while watching the T.V. then girls will change in your eyes. You will be attracted to girls that YOU find “hot”, not what television defines as “hot”.

If you’re lazy and want just one piece of advice; throw your television out the window.

Now on Much Music, The Totally Untrue History of Paris Hilton. . . .

Update: Do not try and write an article while watching television.