- Consumer Advocates For Safe, Legal, and Effective Kratom Use is a consumer advocacy group that promotes safe, legal, and effective use of kratom. They work to bring about positive changes to kratom laws in the US. Their mission is to protect consumers by educating lawmakers and the public about kratom and its potential risks. also provides educational resources and supports scientific research. is a Virginia-registered organization that has been fighting to legalize kratom for the last several years. They also have a dedicated website with scientific information about kratom and infographics that present important facts about the herb. In addition, the website contains an email newsletter and a contact form. There is also a mailing list where people can send emails to their congresspersons. is committed to a code of conduct that guarantees the safety and legitimacy of the kratom industry. It's also committed to a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program that tests every kratom batch and ensures that it is produced and handled correctly.'s efforts to bring about positive change have earned it the respect of many kratom consumers. In particular, they have been successful in reversing misinformation campaigns against kratom. For instance, fought against a proposal to ban the sale and use of kratom in Ohio.

While the FDA is primarily concerned with regulating pharmaceutical drugs, it is less focused on regulating natural products like kratom. Instead, it has a lot of resources to fight the drug, which are known to cause addiction, adverse reactions, and death.

In addition to fighting against misleading misinformation campaigns about kratom, is also concerned about the lack of information about the plant in the U.S. As a result, they have been working to change the business practices of kratom sellers. This includes changing their manufacturing processes and hygiene practices. They have a cutting-edge machinery that produces quality kratom, as well as a hygienic process for the processing of kratom. is also devoted to protecting consumers from governmental and corporate threats. It educates lawmakers, suppliers, and government agencies about kratom. It also educates the public about kratom, and has a mailing list that gives updates on current kratom issues. Additionally, offers its supporters an opportunity to get involved in the fight against unreasonable legal decisions. is a non-profit, consumer advocacy organization that believes in the importance of providing true, accurate, and comprehensive information to the public. As a result, it has developed a comprehensive program that educates consumers about kratom and its benefits, as well as law-making bodies and vendors.

In addition to educating consumers about kratom,'s website has a variety of resources, such as a pre-written letter, a list of kratom products, and links to scientific studies. These sources of information are helpful when consumers are faced with a difficult decision about whether or not to purchase kratom.

Despite its popularity amongst kratom users, has encountered challenges from both parties. Because of this, it has established a number of petitions. Some of these have proven to be successful, as they have called out the C.E.O of WebMD for making misleading claims about kratom.