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If you continue to have this problem and your Samsung keyboard freezes, don't panic. This is a fairly common problem for keyboards built into Samsung devices, even Galaxy phones.

Here is the thing:

Typically, users encounter this issue while entering a message, setting a reminder, and likes. Although this is a minor issue, it can be frustrating if it occurs frequently.

So what can you do about it?

Well if your Samsung keyboard keeps shutting down then you might have some software issues. If so, it won't take a long time to change your settings or change your keyboard to fix this problem.

If your Samsung keyboard shuts down for no apparent reason, then there is probably an issue with the keyboard settings or your Android device. This guide looks at some of the possible causes of the problem and then shows how to fix the problem on your device.

You type some text to someone and suddenly your Samsung phone says “Unfortunately, the Samsung keyboard has stopped ”. It can easily become irritating if it happens over and over again. If you are wondering why your keyboard is not working as it should, this guide offers some information about it.

There are actually several reasons why your Samsung phone keypad will not work as it should. Fortunately, there are fixes for these keyboard issues, and you can apply these fixes to potentially get rid of the keyboard lock issue on your Samsung phone.

While most of the users prefer to jump straight to the solutions to fix their keyboard, some users might be interested in knowing why their Samsung keyboard keeps stopping .