How To Do Wavlink Router Installation
Are you searching for the details of the Wavlink router setup? Relaxed now, because on this page you will get the proper information regarding the configuration process of the Wavlink router. Now, begin the process.

• Initially, connect the Wavlink router's WAN port to the internet.
• Now, attach the Wavlink router power plug to an electrical socket.
• Next, switch on your WiFi and find the SSID name. Then try to connect it again.
• After a few minutes, it will easily start the installation process very quickly.
• Further, the need for an ethernet cable to connect laptops or routers to each other.
• After this, launch a web crawler and enter in the search bar.
• Hence, enter the default security password which is admin.
• After that, select the nation and time for the security of the network. We recommend you make a new login password.
• Lastly, follow all the setup instructions step by step.

After doing the Wavlink router setup , you will enjoy the wireless speed of the network without any errors.